Suncore, the US based subsidiary of the world’s largest LED chip manufacture, is making energy efficiency solutions more accessible to customers around the world. Providing LED chips, OEM/ODM services for light sources and fully integrated lighting systems, Suncore is a one stop shop for companies in the LED industry and for companies wanting top quality LED lighting.  


Vertical farming is changing how we feed the world.The use of Vertical Farming technology for Controlled-environment Agriculture is revolutionizing the food and farming industry. Growing local, no pesticide, healthy and fresh food has never been easier. Suncore’s technology combines state-of-the-art LED grow lights, and years of industry knowledge, enabling farmer to grow nutritious and great-tasting food for their local communities.


Suncore is continuing to innovate and change the world of renewable energy. The Freeform Z10 Solar Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, generate hot water and electricity at the same time. This amazing technological advancement is enabling commercial and industrial customers to save more money than ever before while helping the environment stay green.

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