CHP – Concentrator Heat Power

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Got Heat?

Combining technologies utilizes more of the sun’s power

How does it work?

When a solar cell absorbs sunlight, it not only generates electric power but it also generates heat. In most solar systems this heat byproduct is wasted since it is released into the air. A combined heat and power system, or combined solar electrical and thermal system, utilizes this solar-cell generated heat. The benefits are twofold. First, the solar-cell heat can be used to heat water or can be used in absorption cooling systems. Second, the active heat removal cools further down the solar cells, allowing the cells to operate within a very favorable temperature range keeping electrical efficiencies high.

Suncore’s CHP Z10 Parabolic Dish

Like a Fresnel lens, a curved mirror can also concentrate sunlight. The Suncore Z10 CHP system uses a reflective parabolic dish to concentrate sunlight onto a dense grouping of multi-junction solar cells. We then circulate fluid behind the solar cells removing the heat and passing it into water. The CPV cells directly generate electricity, while the heat exchange system generates hot water from 50-90 degrees Celsius.  This incredible combination produces a system that converts 70% of the sunshine into useful energy.


Receiver Assembly

The Receiver Assembly sits at the focal point where the light is concentrated into a point. The front of this Receiver are a dense array of multi-junction solar cells generating electricity. Behind the solar cells, fluid ducts actively extract the heat from the cells and recycle it into hot water with a temperature well suited for commercial and industrial applications.

Electrical Connection and Pumping Station

The electricity from the system can directly feed  an adjacent building or can be transferred to the electrical grid. The heated fluid from the system goes through a heat exchanger where it can transfer its heat to the end user’s water. A single Suncore Z10 CHP unit is capable of increasing the temperature of 500 liters of water by 50 degrees Celsius per day. By simply adjusting the flow rate of the water through the heat exchanger, the customer can dial in the desired water temperature. The heated water can then be used immediately or stored in water tanks for later use.

CHP Benefits


Efficiency is everything when considering solar technologies. The Z10 CHP system has a staggering efficiency of up to 70%! With ultra-high efficiencies comes quick payback periods; customers can be at ease knowing their investment will pay for itself in under five years on average, and in many cases will be completely paid for in under three.


Advantages over other solar thermal systems

The combination of heat and power in a single systems has many benefits. The greatest immediate benefit to the customer is cost savings; the combined nature of the Z10 means that two separate stand-alone systems do not need to be installed on site to achieve the same outcome. This is particularly important when installing the systems on commercial or industrial properties where space comes at a premium. 

The Z10 product is particularly well suited for applications such as food processing, desalination plants, hotels, resorts, manufacturing facilities, correctional facilities, military installations, community housing, municipalities and district heating, just to name a few.

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