Suncore Talks Vertical Farming & Joining the 4th Annual Indoor Ag-Con

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Suncore Talks Vertical Farming & Joining the 4th Annual Indoor Ag-Con

Albuquerque, NM, March 21th, 2016 – Suncore is to join the Indoor Ag-Con as a sponsor of the 4th Annual Event this April in Las Vegas, NV. Suncore is a technology and solution provider of vertical farming equipment with offerings including full turn-key farm systems, LED grow lights, engineering and financing. Indoor Ag-Con did a quick interview with Suncore to find out why they are as passionate about indoor farming as we are.
Indoor Ag-Con: So tell us who Suncore is and what makes Suncore special.
Suncore: Suncore is a multinational company with its U.S. headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Suncore’s US team includes scientists, engineers and business leaders who are passionate about sustainability through the use of cutting-edge technologies like LEDs and solar energy generation systems. Suncore is privileged to operate both as a big and small company. We have the resources and capabilities of a multinational enterprise through our parent company, SanAn Optoelectronics, but we are agile like a start-up. Here in the U.S. we operate a lean and small team, but at the same time we are backed by one of the industry’s leading LED/Semiconductor group.
Indoor Ag-Con: Why did Suncore choose to sponsor the 4th Annual Indoor Ag-Con?
Suncore: First of all, we believe the Indoor Ag-Con is one of the most prestigious events in this market and has been bringing together industry leaders, customers, and technology providers for the past few years. Suncore truly believes that vertical farming is transforming how the world has traditionally looked at agriculture. Consumers want, and deserve, fresh locally grown and consumed produce and this is precisely what Suncore plans to deliver. Suncore’s Vertical Framing technology will enable farmers to produce food in a sustainable way and provide their produce quickly and locally to consumers. The Indoor Ag-Con is a perfect platform for us to learn and engage the industry.
Indoor Ag-Con: How does Suncore work with its end customers?
Suncore: Suncore is a technology and solution provider. We work with farmers of all sizes and anyone wanting to grow produce locally and sustainably. We can provide everything from the LED lights and vertical farming hardware, to full turn-key solutions, where we finance and set up the farms for our end customers. Our goal is to supply the world with the best, most-efficient, indoor farming equipment so everyone can start to enjoy fresh locally grown produce. Imagine if the majority of the produce in your local store was grown within 20 miles of your home and was picked within 24 hours of reaching your table. Suncore can make that a reality.
Indoor Ag-Con: How do we find Suncore during the conference?
Suncore: We will have a team of experts attending the show that are happy to set meetings with anyone interested to learn more about our solutions. Inquiries can be sent to
Suncore’s sister company Luminus, a leader in LED chip development, will also be attending the conference. They can be reached at

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