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Over the last decade, advancements in both solar electricity and solar hot water generating systems have paved the way for huge energy savings for commercial and industrial buildings. Let us help you answer the question: What could you save with sunshine? Let the world’s most abundant natural resource start saving you money today!

Combining Heat and Power is the only sensible solution

Why pay for two separate electric and hot water systems when you can do both with a single system? The Suncore Z10 Solar Combined Heat and Power system is the most advanced and cost effective way to reduce your utility bill without having to spend huge amounts of money upfront.

Combine your renewable energy systems and simplify your life.

Your company is making a positive impact

Global climate change and increasing push for corporate accountability are paving the way for commercial and industrial adoption of renewable energies. In addition to cutting your energy costs, as few as 10 Z10 systems can make a huge difference by offsetting more than 118 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide. This is equivalent to:

Show the world your company is making a difference. Contact us today and let tomorrow, be a sunnier day.

How it works

Learn about the Z10 and the science behind this technology.  See the power of the world’s most efficient solar cells and how we leverage the technology for electrical and hot water production that can transform your business.

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