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Solar CHP: Combined Heat & Power

We didn’t create the light, we just concentrate it.

How it works

Suncore’s Z10 Solar CHP system features a 12m² collector, mounted on a dual-axis tracker, that concentrates incoming sunlight onto a highefficiency, multi-junction solar cell receiver. The solar cells are coupled to a heat exchanger that converts concentrated solar flux into electrical power and thermal power.

— 1.5kW DC electrical power from the PV cells

— 6.5kW thermal power from the heat exchanger

The Z10 thermal system is operating in a closed-loop configuration and can be used in various applications such as:

  • Municipalities and district heating

  • Hospitals, Hotels and Restaurants

  • Correctional facilities, Military installations, Dormitories, Communities

  • Industrial process heat: ideal for textile, food and pharmaceutical industries

  • Thermal energy for driving sorption coolers, desalination systems or brackish water purifiers


  • High-Efficiency Solar Conversion

  • Quick payback period on investment

  • Minimal balance of system cost

  • Solar receiver designed for easy upgrade

  • Designed for 20+ years operational life

  • Designed for both commercial and utility development

Solar Cell

Multi-junction solar cells use multiple solar cells each stacked on top of one another. Each of these solar cells in the stack are tuned to a specific wavelength of light to maximize the conversion efficiency of incoming light into electricity. The conversion of a wider solar spectrum into electricity is key to gaining higher solar cell efficiencies. Conventional single layer silicon solar cells will never be as efficient as a multi-junction semiconductor. Currently, most multi-junction concentrator solar cells consist of 3 cells but scientists are currently working on 4 and 5 junction solar cells to reach even higher efficiencies. It is forecasted that we will be able to use 50% efficient multi-junction solar cells in Solar CHP systems by 2020!

Shown below, on the left and right diagrams, is the ability of a triple junction solar cell to absorb large portions of the sun’s light spectrum creating greater efficiency. The middle diagram shows the portion of the incoming solar radiation used by a conventional PV (SI) cell, while the right diagram shows the portion of the incoming solar radiation used by our triple junction (CTJ) cells: with greater amounts of the sun’s light spectrum available for electrical generation, the CTJ cells result in higher efficiencies


Direct Normal Irradiance

Why aren’t solar concentrators used all over the world? The answer lies in the fact that any solar concentrator converts ONLY the direct beam component of sunlight known as Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI). Direct sunlight is the light that reaches the ground when there are no clouds to scatter the light.  Solar CHP is a great fit in regions with little annual cloud cover where DNI exceeds 2000 kWh/m2/year (5.5 kWh/m2/day). In order to capture the direct sunlight and concentrate it into a single point over the cells, Solar CHP systems must be accurately pointed towards the sun throughout the day. To achieve this  precision dual-axis tracking systems are used ensuring that the receiver is always optimally pointed at the sun.

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