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Pioneering Vertical Farming

The most progressive concept in urban agriculture, vertical farming is pioneering the growth of sustainable vegetables, fruits and plants in stack-able shelving units – all within small to large buildings or warehouse spaces. Vertical farming is becoming the new frontier of farming, as agricultural technologies, such as hydroponic and aeroponic, are combined with the latest state-of-the-art LED grow lights and green house environmental controls.

As world populations continue to grow, vertical farming is the future of agriculture: Year-round production, no crop seasons. No weather related crop failures. No need for pesticides, or herbicides. Better resource control and water conservation. Better oversight of food safety and security. Strategically designed crop growing environment, implemented and controlled by the urban farmer for success.

Suncore Products

Suncore proudly partners with parent company San’an, a world leader in LED technology, to provide affordable LED solutions for vertical farming’s innovative farmers. Using the latest state-of-the-art LED technology, Suncore can provide vertical farming solutions for every size operation with products including:

SANAN X-Series VF equipment

Modular design makes our systems simple and scalable.The grow module can be installed by a 2-person crew within 20 minutes. With built-in piping for water and nutrient circulation, the X-Series is the most economical solution for a small-mid size vertical farms

SANAN LED grow light

Using the highest quality full-spectrum San’an LED grow lights, the LED uses a racking design for easy replacement and upgrades that is optimized for all stages of growth.

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Suncore’s vertical farming technology and products help grow a more sustainable future. Suncore also offers technology consulting and financing solutions. For more information about Suncore’s vertical farming solutions, please call 575-812-8080 or email

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