Simplicity is our solution to vertical farming. It should be yours too.

Built-in Water Circulation | Integrated LED Fixtures

We are here for serious growers. Having a farm should not be your backyard “DIY” project. Say no to hardware store. Say no to Youtube how-to videos. Our 52-person R&D team with 8 plant scientists and 20 senior engineers worked on the back-end so that you can embrace the peace-of-mind simplicity of our modular system. There are no PVC pipes or electrical wires crawling in and out on your racking. It’s done.

No One Knows LEDs Better Than Those Who Made Them.

High Photon Intensity | Spectral Recipe Made by Plant Scientists | Low Energy Cost

SANAN is the largest LED chip manufacturer in the world. No one on this planet understands how to turn electrical energy into lights better than us. We partnered with the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Science to apply the latest research in photobiology filed into an efficient, effective and taste-driven spectral recipe.

We Built a 100,000 sq ft Farm to Prove a Point: IT WORKS

Deployed at commercial scale | Proven and Tested Quality

Unlike those SharkTank type start-ups who use their customer as the guinea pig, we decided to take the first hit. We built a 100,160 sq ft farm with 3000 lb daily production to see our technology in action. We have tested more than 84 varieties of crops in our system to tell you that the plants also love our system. A high and stable yield is what you should expect.

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The most progressive concept in urban agriculture, vertical farming is pioneering the growth of sustainable vegetables, fruits and plants in stack-able shelving units – all within small to large buildings or warehouse spaces. Vertical farming is becoming the new frontier of farming, as agricultural technologies, such as hydroponic, are combined with the latest state-of-the-art LED grow lights and green house environmental controls.

As world populations continue to grow, vertical farming is the future of agriculture: Year-round production, no crop seasons. No weather related crop failures. No need for pesticides, or herbicides. Better resource control and water conservation. Better oversight of food safety and security. Strategically designed crop growing environment, implemented and controlled by the urban farmer for success.


Vertical farming is changing how we feed the world.

The use of Vertical Farming technology for Controlled-environment Agriculture is revolutionizing the food and farming industry. Growing local, no pesticide, healthy and fresh food has never been easier. Oasis Biotech’s technology combines state-of-the-art LED grow lights, and years of industry knowledge, enabling farmer to grow nutritious and great-tasting food for their local communities.


As a vertical farmer, you have the luxury to grow anytime, anywhere. Vertical farming offers independence from weather conditions, allowing farms to be located from the frozen tundra to the heat of the desert. However, vertical farming’s greatest potential may simply be to grow local and fresh vegetables in the midst of the concrete jungle.

Conventional agriculture consumes 69% of the world’s freshwater resources every year. Hydroponics, by its very nature, cuts the water usage significantly by efficient control and water recirculation. We can grow more, with less water.

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