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Suncore is backed by the world’s largest LED chip manufacturer and is enabling companies all over the world with high quality and affordable LED solutions. Sunore works with LED customers in a variety of ways including the following:

TECHNOLOGY PROVIDER: Suncore can specify and ship a wide variety of led fixtures or bulbs for your projects anywhere in the world.

OEM/ODM SERVICES: Suncore has large manufacturing and R&D design capabilities and works with some of the most well-known brands in the world to create truly amazing LED products. Our USA based team is happy to work with you to bring your LED concepts to market in the quickest possible timeframe.

PARTNERSHIP AND COLLABORATION : Suncore creates strategic alliances with a wide variety of companies (ESCO, installers, specifiers, lighting distributors, etc.) to help better enable our partners in the LED markets. A partnership with Suncore means a direct line to an LED manufacturer that you can trust, providing industry leading warranties, and no margin stack on the final products ensuring our partners the best possible profit margins.


Suncore is so much more than just a technology company. Its main goal is to make a disruptive shift in agriculture bringing local healthy food to urban centers. Suncore wants to see quick growth of the industry by enabling customers with the most cost-effective and easy-to-use technology, to full turnkey commercial farms. Suncore can help get your indoor farm up and running in the quickest possible time. Here are some ideas on how we can work together:

TECHNOLOGY PROVIDER: Provide growth equipment, system designs, and other services to enable customers who desire to build, own, and operate the farms.

TURN-KEY FARMS: Suncore will build a complete vertical farm facility by utilizing Sanan Sino Science technology, then sell or lease it to the farmer to manage and operate.

PARTNERSHIP AND COLLABORATION: Partner with local companies and/or individuals (investor, food distributor, chain stores, traditional farmers, etc.) to form a joint venture to build, own, and operate the farm, where Suncore provides technology and operations expertise.


With over a decade in the renewable energy market, our highly trained solar power team is changing the way commercial and industrial buildings generate hot water and electricity. The Z10 Solar CHP product is a unique solution, providing both the generation of hot water and electricity in a single system. The Z10 is ideal for consumers who use large amounts of hot water and electricity like hotels, hospitals, correctional facilities, resorts, and manufacturing plants, just to name a few. Suncore works with a highly capable global distribution network to offer the Z10 in any location. Suncore provides a two-tiered sales structure described below:

TECHNOLOGY PROVIDER: Suncore or licensed Distribution Partners can provide the basic technology for self-installation at your facility.

TURN-KEY SYSTEMS: Suncore can facilitate complete installation and commissioning of the units, including integration with your existing building hot water and electric systems, so all you need worry about is how small your next hot water and electricity bill will be.

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