Solar Receivers

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Solar Receivers

Reliable CPV Solar Cell Packaging

Suncore’s CPV receivers take the world-class efficiency of multi-junction solar cells and combine it with state-of-the-art automated packaging technology to create the most efficient and reliable CPV receiver for CPV systems. For years Suncore has utilized advanced, high speed test and manufacturing equipment to produce high-quality receivers to meet the rigorous demands of CPV applications. Providing CPV receivers to some of the world’s leading CPV system manufactures, we are dedicated to producing reliable cost-effective components.


  • Typical efficiencies 37%
  • 2 standard form factors 10mm and 5.5mm (custom designs and OEM services available upon request)
  • Used in over 120MW worldwide
  • High-speed automated assembly
  • 100% testing
  • Exceptional thermal performance at high concentrations
  • Low thermal resistance, low electrical resistance

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Suncore is the leading CPV solar receiver manufacturer, with more product deployed worldwide than any other. Offering both standard and custom OEM design services, Suncore has a solution for you. Talk to our sales team.

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